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Letter N Logo Design Inspirations

Checking your logo before shipping to the customer can result in a greater investment of development time, but this decreases the chances of spending more time in the future with unnecessary changes.

If you do not have a checklist, do not worry. We collect here the most common errors of a logo designer that can represent the fundamentals of your checklist.

Mistake # 1: Making “inflexible”

The logos designer must respect their customers. In general, the professional should have the courage to explain to their customers when one of their requirements does not respect the rules of good design. Many customers consider that the logo is only needed for their website and nothing more and unfortunately there are some logo designers who believe that too.

One of the most common mistakes of a logos designer is to create logos that are not scalable. It is pointless to mention that Adobe Photoshop is great software, but it has its limitations. Working with vectors is one of their major drawbacks and therefore Photoshop is not the best solution for logo design.

A good alternative is Adobe Illustrator, a software preferred by designers for working with vector images (enabling logo scalability).

The logo is part of a brand strategy and, sooner or later, it will be used in printing. Business cards, flyers, banners are just a few items that require a printed version of a logo. A non-scalable logo will not look good enough either on a small business card or on a huge billboard.

Create logos that can be used everywhere!

Error # 2: Ignore context

A logo is not a part item that should serve perfectly in the environment where it is placed. Another common mistake of a logos designer is to neglect the other elements of the brand, such as website, work culture, visual identity etc.

Search is required – this way you discover the context in which the logo will be inserted. A logo that matches the owner’s style is way better than an independent entity!

Mistake # 3: Designing for Yourself

Every logo designer is very subjective! To be precise, each logo is very subjective and its value may vary depending on each prospect.

Any logo designer should be aware that their preferences should be ignored if they come up against the customer’s. Still, a good logo should not be appreciated by the creator and not even by the customer: the value of a logo is given by the appreciation of the viewers .

To create a competitive logo it is important to determine the main target and identify your preferences. Any other approach is not applicable and I do not consider that the validity of this concept should be tested in its activity!

In the end, I hope these tips save you from making big mistakes. It will be great to have your take on the biggest mistakes of a logos designer.

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