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Letter L Logo Design Inspiration

The main purpose of this article is to help non-designers understand the logo design process, general terms, requirements and things to remember when ordering a logo. When you decided that your company needs a logo you need to think if you need a completely new logo design or the old one (of course, if you have them) before looking for a designer.

Logo Design Process or Non-Designers:

The redesign of the existing logo is often cheaper than design a new logo. There are a large number of companies offering services of logo design. All of them with different different prices, number of concepts and revisions offered. Some of them can design business stationery for you. Let’s talk about each point in detail:

Logo Designing Price Factor:

Price is important factor; it is very unusual to receive high quality at low prices. But the Internet is the place where designers work from all over the world and logos are going down in price. You can buy logo of satisfactory quality for $ 100 (yes, one hundred dollars). One of the very important factors affecting the price is whether design company uses clip-art (premade pictures or graphic elements) or creates unique logos. Be sure to find them out.

Custom Logo Desiging:

Custom logos are much better because you will have exclusive logo nobody has. As the concept has a number of ideas for logos which you will be offered after answering the logo design questionnaire. It is good to have more than one idea for logo because you will be able to choose. Basically, you will receive a couple of ideas’ life styles. When you choose a concept for your logo you will be able to change it with the changes. As these changes are a number of possible changes which you can request for a chosen logo design concept free of charge. You can change everything including color,  graphic elements, fixing elements. The more changes that need more chances to receive a logo of your dreams.

Time Factor Logo Design:

Turnaround time is an amount of time needed to work on your logo. Usually design process takes from 3 to 10 days. There are companies, which can do urgent orders but the cost of logo will be higher.


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