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Letter J Logo Design Inspirations:


A logo designer needs to know that no matter how many amazing logos he has already created; He is still a human being and it means that at least once in his life he / she must have made a mistake. This list of 5 common mistakes can help you avoid them in the future.

The vast majority of errors can be fixed. But how is it possible to “fix” a wrong logo? Unfortunately there are some fields of activity where errors are impossible to correct and, believe it or not, logo design is one of them.

A logo is part of a branding strategy, which means people will make a simple judgment: a bad logo represents a bad entity! That is, a badly designed logo is a “good solution” to go bankrupt .

On the other hand, logo designers are put under pressure, also known as ” the best context for making mistakes “. It’s a vicious circle and you need to be cold-blooded to escape it. Generally, less experienced designers make the most mistakes, but it is not impossible to conceive that even the most experienced can create poor logos. But how to avoid this?

In the world of graphic design, there are two types of bad logos:

Irremediable logos:

These are extremely bad logos or contain misspelled words, impossible color combinations, or Comic Sans type fonts.

Poor Logos:

These are the logos that have a small mistake. Usually only designers notice these details while they go unnoticed by customers.

The truth is that there is no 100% effective way in which you can be absolutely sure that your logo is perfect but there are solutions to have good feedback on your project.

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logo 1

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